• Image of Shredpool #2 Part Deux Wheels
  • Image of Shredpool #2 Part Deux Wheels

A Konjure wheel so nice they made it twice!

The long awaited Shredpool #2 drop has come and gone, so we ‘swirled’ up another batch! Check your pants and grab a set cause your’re not gonna wanna miss out.

Made from 100% Real life, not made up for a joke, Cotton Candy and Vegan Bumble Bee Tuna. (Not for consumption)

You will be looking good and enjoying the smooth ride faster than you can say Molly Ringwald .

• 4 pack

• 60mm-90A

• Rounded Profile

• Pink/White Swirl Urethane + White Core

•Double-sided print

• Includes 3 Stickers

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